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NEF_5480Biomani Cleansers and Toners are created by Biomani medical team from botanical extracts and natural ingredients to deep cleanse the facial skin without any irritation. The products moisturize the skin while enhancing circulation, unclogging and tightening the pores and nourishing the skin. It can be used on all types of skin.

Biomani’s award-winning anti-aging products
have perfected the impact between science and nature with very specialized ingredients that deliver immediate hydration, nourishment and long lasting suppleness that powerfully reduce the signs of aging. The line is formulated to be effective for all types of skin.



DermaClean with its unique formulation created with herbs and botanical extracts, provides excellent cleansing power while moisturizing and increasing skin renewal process and opening clogged pores. It thoroughly removes excess oil, environmental impurities and make-up.




DermaTone Ginseng Toner has multifunctional hydrating properties that provide natural proteins to help maintain elasticity, bio-extracts effective in hydrating, and minerals that possess stimulating abilities that help in the skin’s natural repair process. It contains Ginseng extract, which revitalizes and conditions the skin. It minimizes pores and regulates oil, and gives the skin a healthy glow with a young-looking complexion.






Elastin-Collagen Créme is a biological cream that rejuvenates, nourishes, and protects the skin. It is abundant in collagen, elastin, and DNA that serve to hydrate and improve skin’s texture and render a younger look to mature skin.




Fruit Enzyme Facial Scrub is a light, gentle cream for facial scrub with light brown speckles of Almond Meal and green speckles of Jade Jojoba Beads. It gently exfoliates even sensitive skin without irritation, removes dead skin, revealing fresh new cells that give skin a healthy glow and enhances the skin’s natural ability to regenerate. It minimizes skin pores and controls oily skin. 




Papaya Honey Mask, a unique formula that incorporates active papaya and botanical ingredients to retexturize and smooth the complexion. It deep nourish the skin while clarifying it. It counteracts the damaging effects of environment and pollution.






AquaDerm Hydrating Mask has a special formula that contains specific combination of botanical extracts and essential oils that moisturize and smooth the facial skin while hydrating and clarifying the complexion.



Also Available:

Hydro-Rejuvenation Cream is scientifically formulated from selected botanical ingredients that increase skin’s elasticity by stimulating the regeneration of elastin and collagen, while providing complete hydration and softening of the skin. Uniquely, the Hydro-Rejuvenation Cream is the only product of its kind that contains Rosavena® which is a powerful botanical anti-oxidant, scientifically proven to neutralize the free radicals that contribute to skin damage, skin wrinkles and premature aging. It stimulates the skin to replace dead dry skin cells with newly generated young cells, eliminating and controlling premature fine lines.





TheraLite was formulated to replace Hydroquinine. It contains three special botanical extracts which inhibit the production of melanin. Dark and age spots will remarkably fade away and the skin regains its original looks.  The depigmentation action is through the highly specialized botanical extracts contents of the product. It is safe for all skin types including Asian skin.