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Acne ControlThe Biomani AcneControl line is patented and is formulated by Biomani medical team to be effective and safe. It is the only acne treatment that contains Sulfur, Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid in one formula. It was created to treat persistent acne and rosacea in teens & adults as well as to prevent new acne formation. The line is not drying and because it contains botanical extracts together with natural herbs  and anti-acne ingredients, it softens the acne skin, removes inflammation and decreases the redness. It is suitable and safe for all types of skin without any drying on the melanosis, dark compounds in the skin and loss of fat and collagen.


NEF_5439TheraCleanser is a therapeutic cleanser with  selected pure botanical extracts that work together to fight teen and adult acne. The rich lather gently removes excess sebum, controls oil, and removes dirt that clogs the pores as well as the makeup in one application. You will notice the immediate difference as your skin will look healthy and feel clean and hydrated.


NEF_5437TheraToner has natural antiseptic agents, pure botanical extracts, and selected cosmeceutical ingredients that work together to fight acne and control excess oil. This unique toner minimizes the pores and gently restores the skin’s healthy glow. Your skin will feel soft, toned and hydrated without feeling oily.


NEF_5471Citrus Sage Moisturizer is formulated specially for acne-prone skin. It conditions, tones, purifies and revitalizes the complexion and skin. It contains anti-oxidants, watercress & sage extracts, Vitamin A, C & E that protect and improve the skin’s elasticity, balances oily skin. More over, it has Anti-bacterial properties that fights acne blemishes. It is the only moisturizer that benefits acne skin and does not cause acne flare-up.


NEF_5459TheraMask has is a rich blend of pure botanical extracts and oils, aloe vera gel and tea tree, aids in regulating sebum production, tones and hydrates and exfoliates the skin. Your skin will feel refreshed, nourished, toned and hydrated. It removes acne inflammation and stops spreading of acne and prevents new acne formation. 


NEF_5446Acne Nutritional Supplement: Formulated by the medical team of Biomani Scientific Skin Care. It contains combination of special vitamins, herbs & minerals that inhibit acne bacteria, reduce pimples & oil, reduce skin inflammation, speeds up the healing process and prevents new acne. Taking it while treating acne with AcneControl Line will definitely enhance the results and accelerate the recovery.


NEF_5441Sun TheraCare is formulated specifically for acne skin to absorb the UV radiation, and to be non-irritating and non-allergenic. The product is formulated by The Biomani medical team and is composed of pure natural ingredients compounded with a protective combination of pharmaceutical grade UV blockers, moisturizers and Rosavena® which is a patented strong botanical anti-oxidant that completely neutralizes free radicals.


Also Available:

TheraGel for nighttime use is formulated from a special blend of medical ingredients, sulphur, botanical extracts and special herbs for the optimal treatment of teen and adult acne. Formulated by the Biomani medical team, this unique formula kills the bacteria that cause acne and prevents new formation of acne.